There are more things

My First jam game

Short walking simulator game made for the Scream jam 2021 It was made over the course of 10 days, in Unity and it works on Windows, Linux and Android.

It has hand-painted watercolor art. Inspired by Jorge Luis Borges short story of the same name, “There are more things” welcomes you to the house that used to be your aunt’s. She is dead now and the new inhabitant is nowhere to be seen, but you hear rumors it is now the house of an evil witch.

But you don’t really believe that, do you? Somehow this whole story is keeping you awake at night, so you finally decide to go inside the house. Maybe they’ve left the door open…

It was my first game for a Jam and due to time constraints the platforming parts are a bit crappy, but it's been a really cool experience!

All the art was made by:

Link to the game page: