Arduino safe brake ligths

A few years ago a friend (who does incredible dunks, follow him on instagram!) told me about an idea he had had for quite some time, it was related to increasing the safety of cars. He was convinced that he could sell it and earn a good amount of money, after making me promise not to tell anyone, he explained his idea to me, with the intention that maybe using my technological powers I could build a small prototype and have something physical that be able to show. We were informing ourselves about how to patent this type of gadgets, and we ended up disappointed seeing how, in addition to being very expensive, it was a bureaucratic hell. As it has been quite some time since we dropped the plan to patent the idea, and with the permission of my friend, I reveal to you the simple but interesting idea:

An adaptable brake light for cars that, depending on the intensity of braking, turn on more or less lights. So that the driver behind can get an idea of ​​how much the car in front is braking and thus adapt their speed accordingly.

To build the prototype we used an Arduino UNO, a pressure sensor, a prototyping board and a few leds, resistors and wires.