Drone Programming Contest

Video from the final competition

In 2017 I participated in the contest Programarobot with a friend and we got the first place. The challenge organized by the URJC's Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT), was to program a drone (cat) to follow another drone (mouse) in a scenario with clouds, grass and distant trees, play cat and mouse. The cat is equipped with position sensors (GPS + IMU) and a camera. The mouse is red and is provided by the organization. In fact, there are several mouses, from the easiest to follow to the more elusive ones.

The championship, sponsored by GMV Innovating Solutions and Deloitte, among others, is aimed at engineering, robotics or artificial vision students from all over Spain, it is absolutely open. Robotics enthusiasts, students and some professionals from the sector have participated in the two editions held. In this edition, the Gazebo simulator and the JdeRobot software environment have been used.

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Video demo

First three classified

The prize was a programmable Parrot Mambo mini drone