LOW cost VR digital twin

For some time I have been experimenting with the idea of ​​making 3D models from real objects and people, and after using Unity to make a small VR game, I found it interesting to explore another concept closely linked to the metaverse, that of digitaltwin. A Digital Twin is a digital copy of a real physical object or place, these virtual replicas are used to simulate situations or perform tests, with the aim of predicting what the outcome of an event will be, before it is carried out in reality.

To make this type of digital clones often requires a large amount of material and technical resources, but we are going to do it in a low cost way, using a borrowed iphone, free 3D scanning apps, AI models and 3D models that come from multiple humble bundles.

The digital twin that we are going to make is the one in a friend's room, the idea is to be able to visualize it in virtual reality, in addition to adding some objects to interact with. To do this we use what we learned during the development of Thirteen bullets in Hyperspace to add the 3D model of the room, and other models of objects to interact with action figures such as Action Man, Small Soldiers, or even 3D models of other friends.

After already having a digital twin created from a 3D scan of the room, we also created a digital twin completely from scratch, using a pack of office assets, so we can also take other objects from the room, such as a donnut, a cup or a rubick's cube, although you can't do a lot with them besides throw them around.

In total, in addition to the room scanned in 3D, there are three other environments, the office, the park and the assylum. And with a button on the wall you can change from one environment to another.

It's just a small prototype, the idea was to play with interactive experiences in virtual reality using elements of our everyday reality.

You can download it for free at: https://rustyroboz.itch.io/low-cost-vr-digital-twin

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