Metroidvania game using ai art

A short metroidvania with AI art in which you control a robot in a future where humans live on Mars. What happened? How has this situation come to be? Who is Moloch? 


A VR digital twin prototype of a room, using various 3D scanning techniques and assets from a #HumbleBundle. It is built with Unity and works on the Oculus Quest 2 headset.


Use artwork from a space artist and finetune a stable diffusion model to learn to create images of space in her unique style.

Virtual Reality game

VR game made in 9 days for the VRJam2022.

Brain computer interface project 

Control a drone with a brain computer interface 

There are more things 

Short walking simulator game made for the Scream jam 2021 It was made over the course of 10 days, in Unity and it works on Windows, Linux and Android. 


Collection of NFTs in Opensea, images made with AI and prices with a quantum random number generator.

Art made with artificial intelligence

Images generated from text sentences with the VQGAN and CLIP models (Generative artificial intelligence models based on transformers).

Quantum Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator with an IBM quantum computer.

crazy ride

Simple driving and speed game, made in Unity 3D, For androin mobiles. The objective is to reach the end of each level without colliding with the obstacles that you will find on your way.

Toxic Adventures

Simple platform game for android mobile phones. The objective is to collect 50 barrels of radioactive waste.

RPI Console

Portable retro console with 3.5 inch screen, powered by a raspberry pi 3 model B, and using the emulation software Retropie).

Drone Programming Contest

The challenge proposed by 'Programarobot', a championship organized by the URJC's Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering (ETSIT), was to program a drone (cat) to follow another drone (mouse) in a scenario with clouds, grass and distant trees, play cat and mouse. 

Recognition of traffic signal images with deep learning

Comparison of different Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques for classifying traffic sign images, mainly using different convolutional neural network architectures.

Face recognition and tracking with opencv

Face recognition using openCV and the face recognition module.

arduino safe brake ligths

An adaptable brake light for cars that, depending on the intensity of braking, turn on more or less lights. So that the driver behind can get an idea of ​​how much the car in front is braking and thus adapt their speed accordingly.